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Being the frontrunners of research-fuelled agriculture, Kilaru Naturals takes pride in discovering and cultivating nutrient-dense superfoods crops.

Research For Optimum Nutrition

While crop cultivation tends to become all about food security, no questions are being asked about the nutritional benefits of the grains and cereals going around today. Kilaru Naturals is the first firm to identify and take up the case for ‘nutrition’. Identifying food-crops full of rare nutrients presents a huge research opportunity for Kilaru Naturals.

We take great care to be consistent in our signature agricultural practices that maximize our yield & quality. To ensure that only the purest and the healthiest produce reaches our consumers, we work with clusters of both organic and natural farms. After the harvest, these grains go through the most sophisticated processing machinery due to which they taste a whole lot better and instantly feel more refined to the touch. The processing unit we use is exclusive to KNPL and the very first of its kind in India as we have imported them from across different continents to adhere to our ‘No Compromise on Quality’ goal. The availability of these famed cleaning and processing units make us a one-stop-shop for agriculture establishments that are on the lookout for superior grain processing. The quality of our premium produce is then verified by our own laboratories before we send them out of the factory. When the nutritional profile scores resonate with the Kilaru Naturals mantra of providing wholesome nourishment, we get ready for the next batch with a smile.


It all started with a momentous discussion: where is the greatness in continuing to grow crops that fail to provide comprehensive nutrition? Countless pure-plant sources of rich nutrition thrive in the wilderness, unknown to mankind. Insufficient research has kept us from enjoying the various health benefits that these yet unidentified plants & herbs may provide. Moreover, nutrition that promises to come from plants would click with meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. With this thought, Kilaru Naturals found itself at the centre of revolutionary research. We are the first name in the industry to pinpoint the huge nutrition emergency the world faces today. In order to tackle this very challenge, identifying protein-rich crops, cereals and grains has become the focus of Kilaru Naturals.

Ground Work

The agriculture hub that is India is home to as many as 127 different agro-climatic zones. That is to say we had before us more than a hundred unique types of natural conditions suitable for crop cultivation! Our very own research wing at Kilaru Naturals, over the last few years, conducted crop-adaptation trials across India. This exhaustive analysis of crop behaviour helped us identify which crops are happiest to grow in each of these zones. The resulting insight allowed us to successfully add 4 new crops to the Indian plant population. A huge achievement as it is, KNPL continues on its mission of releasing new strains of crop to enrich the plant biodiversity and finding more exciting food-crops to grow. Our research team has developed excellent package of practices to cultivate these superfoods here, better than they would naturally thrive on native land. Kilaru Naturals’ research objectives include:

  • Maintaining nutritional profiles of indigenous & foreign high protein crops
  • Improving the nutritional profile of the said crops
  • Increasing the productivity of these crops

Quality Control

To ensure that only the purest, farm-fresh produce sits in the kitchens of India, we work with clusters of organic farms. These organic farmer grow with love and affection the protein-rich crops identified by us before handing it back. The quality of this produce is then verified by submitting samples to renowned laboratories. When the nutritional profiles resonate with the Kilaru Naturals aim of providing absolute nourishment to the masses, we call it a day with a content smile.

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Kilaru Naturals is HAACP, FSSAI, BRC, HALAL and Organic Certified. We adhere to the highest standards of quality control and quality assurance.
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